1. Addictive Swipe-and-Evolve Puzzle Game. It's a match-2 puzzle with combo chains.

  2. Lone Survivor is an Addictive Horror, Survival and Single-player video game developed and published by Superflat Games.

  3. Creepy, mysterious and full of adventures

  4. Closure is a Fabulous, 2D, Casual, Puzzle-Platform, Single player video game created and published by Eyebrow Interactive.

  5. Betract is an Addictive Puzzle video game that is available to play on the mobile platforms only.

  6. There are facts and there are #TRUMPFACTS

  7. Have fun destroying your code with this light, block breaking game for Vim

  8. Overhead power line design software.

  9. Overhead power line design

  10. Lines 123 is a simple number puzzle game.

  11. 2048 Casino Chips is the newest installment of the fantastic 2048 game that provides casino and 2048 Puzzle combination created by Namaste Power Store.

  12. Can You AAA is a fun number puzzle game. Objective is to get 3 Aces.