1. GZD

    ZDoom is a family of enhanced ports of the Doom engine for running on modern operating systems.

  2. Oracle Database is an RDBMS that implements object-oriented features such as user-defined types, inheritance, and polymorphism

  3. Easy to set up, ad-free and reliable comment system

    freemium $5.0 / Monthly

  4. Accelerate site performance with detail audits increasing revenue & conversions.

  5. ElkArte is a modern, powerful community building forum software.

  6. DocBook is a schema (available in several languages including RELAX NG, SGML and XML DTDs, and W3C...

  7. SS

    Broadcast your message to the world using satellite

  8. D

    Design, prototype and animate in a single Mac app.

  9. CRM 365 Tool is using service connection of Microsoft Dynamics 365 system to export and search data.

  10. A desktop CSV editor for data publishers

  11. Video Discussion Platform for Schools and Enterprise

  12. CM

    Collaborative video with friends