1. Uber is a website and mobile app that allows you to get a ride similar to a taxi service from your phone.

  2. Web Review Management and Monitoring platform that helps multi-location businesses improve

  3. Highspot is the industry's most advanced Sales Enablement platform, closing the loop across marketing, sales, and the customer.

  4. Clari is a predictive analytics platform for sales people.

  5. LeanData helps companies develop account based marketing and target account seling strategies.

  6. Octoparse provides easy web scraping for anyone. Our advanced web crawler, allows users to turn web pages into structured spreadsheets within clicks.

  7. Import. io helps its users find the internet data they need, organize and store it, and transform it into a format that provides them with the context they need.

  8. Leadspace uses targeting and predictive scoring to find the most accurate B2B leads for your business. Visit our site and view a demo to learn how it works.

  9. NanaCast is intended to incorporate with everything! That includes the greater part of your autoresponder instruments, trader accounts (counting PayPal and Stripe), and any outsider script as well.

  10. Exact Data offers mailing and lead lists services.

  11. LinkedIn Lead Extractor extracts data from Linkedin.

  12. DocSend makes business communication with documents more effective and actionable by providing...