1. Generate your own WordPress dashboard color scheme!

  2. XPlasMap is a DNA mapping program.

  3. Total Laboratory Automation offers a solution to streamline workflow operation with benefits such as costs savings and valuable walk away time from systems.

  4. Data management solution for laboratories of all sizes

  5. LabCalls offers the only method for communicating sensitive lab results in both a timely and consistent manner.

  6. SurroundLab offers the outreach laboratory a suite of commercial style features including high throughput order entry, customizable results reporting.

  7. Thermo Scientific flexible LIMS are relied upon to manage data, resources and workflows.

  8. ATLAS LabWorks is an essential tool for a successful outreach program, providing a solid foundation for clean orders & reliable results reporting.

  9. DentLab Manager software is designed for dental technicians, and is based on the specifications of the Norwegian Dental Technician Associations.

  10. O3Lims is a flexible system that helps you keep track of results for as many users and samples as you need.

  11. sLis Enterprise is an information system with the necessary tools to support a user-friendly environment of a Laboratory Department.

  12. WinTOX 6 LIMS is designed specifically for the toxicology laboratory, with client demographics and reports tailored for the drugs of abuse market.