1. AG

    Axis GatePass is a visitor management software that manages activities at the entry points of an organization.

  2. Lobby Attendant is a way finding, welcoming and building directory software designed for interactive self-service kiosks.

  3. EasyLobby offers secure Visitor Management solutions that allow organizations to automate the entire process.

  4. ETO Software is a Businesses Process Management Software that is targeted towards large non-profit institute, community organizations and government agencies.

  5. Industry leading nonprofit fundraising software. Our donor management software helps you build relationships and manage fundraising activities.

  6. Association Anywhere is an enterprise-class association management system.

  7. Aptify is a comprehensive association and membership management software.

  8. Billhighway facilitates an end-to-end solution that integrates with member databases to streamline and optimize dues and payment processes.

  9. Muster is a grassroots advocacy tool that enables professional associations and nonprofits to engage their membership in the legislative process.

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  12. ReServe Cloud is a software solution that helps manage the process of prospecting, booking and managing catered events by automatically generating and updating documents, etc.