1. An API that shows how far you can travel within a time limit. Visualise where's reachable within 5 minutes or 5 hours by car, public transport, cycling and more. Calculates travel times from an origin to thousands of destinations at once.

  2. PerformLine is a marketing compliance company bringing SaaS automation and scale to companies.

  3. ChannelAssist powers your Sales Incentive, Channel Partner Loyalty, Employee Engagement and Gamification programs, build loyalty and results

  4. Rite.ly is a Call-to-action (CTA) header that can be used in any page.

  5. We help SaaS companies solve user churn with predictive analytics.

  6. TapFwd is a partnership marketing platform.

  7. TVEyes provides broadcast monitoring suite to analyze the impact and report successes on TV and Radio coverage.

  8. eCrisper makes it easy to turn a Mac into a secure public access Internet kiosk.

  9. Oddcast develops customized video and avatar-based marketing products for small and medium-sized​ businesses and consumers.

  10. TWT provides full-service Internet agency group for digital transformation about online marketing, mobile, social media, CMS, eCommerce, etc

  11. Brandreward is a brand platform that matches a range of high-quality lifestyle sites and coveted brands.

  12. Measure people's emotions from any webcam.