1. MinimServer is a music server for all devices that support upnp-dlna streaming.

  2. With the world constantly at war with itself, and with barriers being put into place between people, it sometimes seems as though there is nothing that can unify the human species. Read more about Plug.dj.

  3. MiXoLiCiouS is an audio hosting service where you can upload and share your tracks, remixes, and DJ mixes as an alternative to SoundCloud.

  4. "the world's leading underground music streaming service."

  5. HookTube is basically just youtube-dl in website form -- it discovers and manages pointers to...

  6. New beta social network for sound lovers, including waveform player and uploads. And it's free.

  7. BitChute is a peer to peer video sharing platform powered by WebTorrent.

  8. Airsonic is a Free and Open Source community driven media server which allows you to stream...

  9. This is a Java application to use the speaker connected to other computer on the network.

  10. Soundfly uses Apple's AUNetSend and Soundflower to broadcast audio to another mac on your...

  11. Shaazam for YouTube videos

  12. Air Video HD. Introducing the all-new Air Video. Watch videos streamed instantly from your computer on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV. No need to worry about converting or ..