1. g

    Lightweight in-process concurrent programming

  2. FS

    FoxServ is an Apache / mySQL / PHP installer package for Windows and Linux.

  3. Personalized Browser Push Notifications.

  4. Cross-platform, Docker-based alternative to XAMPP.

  5. CCT

    Display continuous integration status from most build servers.

  6. CCMenu displays the build status of projects on a continuous integration server as an item in the...

  7. Shows build status in your tray

  8. BN

    BuildNotify is a https://alternativeto.net/software/ccmenu/ equivalent for Ubuntu.

  9. Create a personal web server with simplicity, reliability, and ease using VBServer.

  10. IoT-Ignite® is an open IoT platform.

  11. A tool for managing Apache Kafka.

  12. Windows Webserver for PHP and CGI Scripts. Buildin PHP 7.