1. Android is an open source mobile operating system initially released by Google in 2008 and has since become of the most widely used operating systems on any platform.

  2. Beat your eczema with Eczema Tracker!

  3. A framework for building native apps with React

  4. Write cross-platform native apps in Ruby

  5. 100% Customizable and Scalable Taxi Dispatch Software.

  6. Apportable allows iOS applications to run on Android devices automatically, without requiring extensive changes to the original code.

  7. LambdaNative is a cross-platform development environment written in Scheme, supporting Android...

  8. Starting point for your React Native project

  9. Trigger.io - mobile platform for web developers

  10. React Native app starter kit for Android and iOS

  11. A framework to build Native Mobile apps using JavaScript.

  12. Web runtime for your mobile and desktop web applications.