1. Android - $4.99, apple - $3.99 (Free "lite" version available for both)

  2. OpenCity is a free open source 3D city-building game.

  3. Dino Island (also known as Dino Tycoon) is a PC business simulation game developed by Hasbro...

  4. 3

    3d city builder game

  5. Pocket City re-imagines classic city building simulation gameplay to mobile for iOS and Android.

  6. Lincity is a construction and management simulation game, which puts the player in control of...

  7. The #1 citybuilder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads!

  8. LL

    Lego Loco is a Fantasy-based, Virtual-World, Construction, Single and Multiplayer video game developed by Intelligent Games and published by Lego Media.

  9. Cities in Motion (CIM) is a city-based mass transportation simulator for the PC.

  10. Simutrans is an open-source transport simulator.

  11. An open-source clone of the classic game ...

  12. Planet Coaster is an Adventure-based, Management, Strategy, Sandbox, Building, Single and Multiplayer Simulation by Frontier Developments.