1. CK

    Find perfect palettes from great pictures.

  2. Easily generate, save, share and export color palettes.

  3. MC

    Material design compatible curated color palettes.

  4. C

    Curated color combinations for inspiration

  5. PLT

    Easily find a matching color palette.

  6. C

    A simple, smart approach to choose color palettes

  7. PA

    Create, analyze and edit smooth color palettes

  8. CL

    Color palettes used throughout history ⏳

  9. Offers inspiration for using Google’s font library

  10. Typewolf helps designers choose the perfect font combination for their next design project—features web fonts in the wild, font recommendations and learning resources.

  11. Read the plot for movies and television shows of all genres. You can search for keywords or a specific title using the app. There is also an option to view what your friends are watching online as well.

  12. FW

    Make visual changes to any website. Immediately.