1. Hacker News for the world of design.

  2. TPM

    Home gardening made easy.

  3. DocScan is a PDF document scanner application for the iPhone smartphones that lets the users to scan their documents and get them in the PDF files.

  4. 3D polygon modeling finally meets iPad

  5. Y

    Quickly design AR and 3D prototypes on iOS

  6. Interactive videos of Ray Dalio's principles in action

  7. Code-1 Plus validates, corrects and standardizes customer address data and helps to provide accurate, on-time delivery of correspondence, goods and services, and minimize costs of undelivered mail.

  8. The world’s most versatile iPad keyboard case

  9. Hands-free page turning for musicians 🎼

  10. TC

    Format any raw text on iOS and more 📝

  11. T

    Switch countries in the App Store easily through an iOS App

  12. SP

    A week-by-week guide to raising an awesome dog.