1. Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps.

  2. A front-end SDK to develop applications with HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript.

  3. Webby allows to use Facebook, Youtube or any web app as a regular desktop apps, integrated with the...

  4. A desktop chat client for Discord and Slack

  5. Figure Eight is the essential Human-in-the-Loop Machine Learning platform.

  6. Qubole delivers a self-service platform for big aata analytics built on Amazon, Microsoft and Google Clouds.

  7. Build highly accurate training datasets using machine learning and reduce data labeling costs by up to 70%.

  8. GoLearn is a machine learning library for Go that implements the scikit-learn interface of Fit/Predict.

  9. The Bot API allows you to easily create programs that use Telegram messages for an interface.

  10. Train custom ML models with minimum effort and expertise

  11. BigML's goal is to create a machine learning service extremely easy to use and seamless to integrate.

  12. Be lazy. Let Maid clean up after you, based on rules you define.