1. Simple App for cutting sheet materials (chipboard, MDF, glass, plastic, etc.).

  2. Cutting optimizer for iPhone and iPad

  3. Small program can help you to calculate optimal cut of rectangular details.

  4. Optimal panel and linear cutting software for woodworking, glass and metal cutting.

  5. Nesting software for cutting pipe, sheet metal, glass.

  6. It's easy! You input the sizes and materials, MaxCut does the rest!

  7. Optimize cutting (nesting) of any linear material such as reel material, metal profiles, bars...

  8. Quicktext is an extension for Thunderbird that lets you create templates that can be easily inserted into your own emails.

  9. swipx is a digital market platform for software or SaaS solutions that enables users to find right software solution for business.

  10. Printavo is an online shop management software for screen printers, embroiderers, sign manufacturers, and digital printers.

  11. Maildoodler allows you to centrally manage all of the employees e-mail signatures.

  12. A Solution for central e-mail signature management for Google Apps.