1. Personal diversity and inclusion AI-coach for managers

  2. TheLions is a career resource for sales talent.

  3. Discovery Data offers a consolidated view of the financial services industry, including 40000 firms and over 2 million professionals.

  4. Use your best people to scale your company's culture easily

  5. A hiring platform built for your business.

  6. ThriveMap is a tool that measures culture fit between people and teams when hiring.

  7. TeacherMatch 360 offers automated education talent management software solution.

  8. SwoopTalent is a talent data cloud solution.

  9. Predictive Talent Acquisition Platform for Enterprises, for on-demand large scale hiring.

  10. Koru enables recruiters to screen, hire, and develop early-career talent through the data-driven talent analytics solution.

  11. Joberate provides predictive analytics for HR and recruitment.

  12. Blendoor uses data-driven technology to enable companies to make better hiring decisions based on merit, not molds.