1. BookingBug online scheduling, booking, reservation and appointment system for any business

  2. Catalog Management

  3. Ready to boost your sales process? Accelerate your sales execution with a unified platform for all your sales engagements: Content Sharing, CPQ, Sales Proposal and Contract Management.

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  5. Price intelligence and price optimization that boosts profit margins, allows retailers to price with confidence, and improve merchandising. Get Wiser.

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  7. Price Optimization Manager provides optimal target prices and actionable insights aligned with your customer segmentation maximizing sales return

  8. Analyze, generate and simulate optimized pricing strategies using machine learning techniques with PriceOptimizer by Pricefx.

  9. PriceEdge™ Analyze allows you to simulate the effect of implementing new prices and equips you with a set of reports to track the actual effects achieved in the market.

  10. Leading price intelligence and competitor monitoring tool for retailers and manufacturers. Learn your competitors pricing strategies and increase your profits