1. WHOIS lets you search any generic domain to find out the registered domain owner and related...

  2. A simple API to request a user's real-time approval on anything via email, sms + mobile push.

  3. Profanity Filter, Image Moderation and Video Moderation Services Made Easy.

  4. Automatic and human powered content moderation for your app or website.

  5. R

    Rianu an API first CRM for developers and makers to help power their internet business.

  6. Webcron - Website and Server Performance Monitoring and Online Web Cron. Reliable Cron Jobs Service with WebCron interface. The easiest way to set cron jobs.

  7. A reliable free API and online tool to convert webpages, URL's and HTML into images or PDF's. As well as a Web Scraper to scrape data directly from the web.

  8. The #1 website screenshot service • Capture and archive website screenshots automatically • Every hour, day, week or Month • Start your free trial now.

  9. Ghost Inspector is a browser testing tool that lets users test browsers on their own website or application. This software allows for tests to be automated, and data from completed tests is saved in the Cloud for future analysis.