1. Unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile.

  2. Connect, get inspired, and grow your skills.

  3. Wondershare Player for Android makes it easy to play online and local videos and audio on Android phones. than other players like mx, bs, mobo etc.

  4. Pixa helps you organize and manage both inspirational and work images. With Pixa you can tag, comment and easily export your work with a simple drag and drop. Availble for Mac OS X 10. 7. 3 or later.

  5. Professional sales tools and stunning client galleries for photographers

  6. RawTherapee is a free RAW converter and digital photo processing software.

  7. Personal photo management application for the GNOME desktop environment. F-Spot is based on MONO

  8. Google Smart Lock lets you to get right down to work (or play) without needing to remember passwords and security codes. Works with your Android devices, Chromebooks, Chrome browser and select apps.

  9. Lychee is an open-source, free software program for self-hosted photo management. It can be installed on the user's own server or website. The software permits the uploading and management of photos and also makes sharing photos very easy.

  10. Word guessing based on drawing.

  11. A simple drawing application for Linux.

  12. Gtk based basic paint program like MSPaint or Paintbrush but for Linux