1. Plerdy is a comprehensive conversation rate optimization software that caters to professional online marketers and agencies, allow them to enhance website performance and increase revenue greatly.

  2. The Complete A/B Testing and Website Optimization Software for Marketers.

  3. SALESmanago is a cloud based marketing automation platform.

  4. NGDATA provides consumer intelligence management solutions to help enterprises interact better with customers.

  5. Cordial is an adaptive messaging platform empowering marketers to easily create, scale, and optimize personalized experiences.

  6. Oracle Maxymiser is a platform available for multipage, multistage, secure, and dynamic optimization.

  7. Watson Real-Time Personalization helps digital marketers improve customer experience and makes personalization easier by learning through each interaction and delivering the right content to each visitor.

  8. idio helps brands and media companies implement technology-driven solutions to improve their content's effectiveness.

  9. SmarterHQ makes it easy for brands to automate web and email personalization.

  10. Multichannel campaign management solution.

  11. AddShoppers is a free social sharing platform for retailers that increases sharing and tracks ROI with just a few snippets of code.

  12. Naytev optimizes social content messaging and distribution. Clients use Naytev to drive more growth and revenue from Facebook.