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The Laboratory Information Management System - MocDoc LIMS helps even the busiest Labs run more efficiently by automating many tasks. Highly trusted and used by Pathologists & Diagnostics Centers across the world. Avail Free Demo in our Website

Features of MocDoc LIMS :

Complete Order Management - Laboratory information management system allows you to place orders for samples directly from MocDoc LIMS app, register your sample containers, Print barcodes, record sample data, assign sample locations, assigns collection agents and integrates with your lab machines for complete automation in your lab.

Fully Custom Reports - MocDoc LIMS provides the easiest Pathology Reporting Software for Diagnostic Laboratories, a single module fits all system with synoptic reporting. The reports can be fully customized as per the need of the laboratory.

Smart Notification - Automatic notification can be sent to customers on test results. Lab notifications like email, SMS of the test reports sent from the Automated Lab notification module.

Single Click Invoice Generation - MocDoc LIMS software offers the various invoice payment options for Credit Providers, Franchise & Corporate ยท Suppliers & Vendors system.

MIS Anytime & Anywhere - MocDoc LIMS has a comprehensive MIS. The data can be seen from the App as well. All reports are pre-configured and available out of the box.

Analytics - Make Informed Decisions - MocDoc LIMS Analytics gives information about the utilization of assets in your lab. The best in class analytics gives you more immediate access to data and the ability to derive real intelligence from the data collected.

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