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MocDoc CMS

MocDoc Clinic designed to help even the busiest clinics run more efficiently with a fully integrated Clinic management system. MocDoc clinic offers a full suite of robust management tools to enhance success.

Features of MocDoc CMS :

CMS Overview - Comprehensive Clinic Management handles Patient Dashboard, Appointment Management, Visual Speciality Case sheets, SMS / Email Notification, Easy Billing & Accounts.

OP Management - Comprehensive OP Management from Doctor Discovery, Appointments, Check In, Billing, EMR, Prescription to mobile apps.

Visual Speciality Case sheets - Visual Case sheets for each Speciality - Dental, Ophthal, Ortho, Ayurveda, Cardiac, Paediatric, Vet, etc.

Comprehensive features - Dashboard, Multi-location support, Role-based access, Micro website, Appointment widgets.

We Provide Clinic Specialities to - Dental, Eye, Homeopathy, Cardiac, ENT, Therapy, IVF, OBG, Ayurveda, Ortho, Naturopathy, Veterinary

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