1. Slice Intelligence offers solutions for direct measurement of all digital commerce activity and customer loyalty. 

  2. BrandView offers price, promotion, product content and online product positioning analytics solution.

  3. Datagram is an e-commerce​ analytics solution.

  4. YoGrow is a simple eCommerce analytics tool.

  5. Putler helps people grow their eCommerce business with accurate analytics and practical growth insights.

  6. AIHello manages inventory across ecommerce sites and uses machine learning algorithms and deep learning to accurately optimize product.

  7. We track the interactions of your customers with your web or mobile applications in real-time, and provide actionable metrics that will help increase your conversion.

  8. MonkeyData is eCommerce analytics software solution offering retailers with actionable insights to grow their business.

  9. SingleFeed helps merchants succeed on the shopping engines by delivering optimized data feeds to top shopping engines.

  10. Profitero offers real-time eCommerce analytics, insights and strategic recommendations to improve performance across sales channels.

  11. CloudCraze is an eCommerce solution available in Salesforce cloud platform.

  12. Clavis Insight is a provider of cloud-based eCommerce Intelligence and Online Store Audit solutions.