1. Cryptlex is an IT Management software, designed to help you maximize the revenue potential of your software by protecting you against software piracy.

  2. Increase productivity; adapt to an evolving market; improve profitability; boost operational efficiency; and streamline processes.

  3. Rocket Bazaar is a flexible multi-vendor marketplace platform built with Magento 2.

  4. Optoro provides asset recovery solutions for the distressed inventory of retailers, manufacturers and third party providers.

  5. Deliver posts to the inboxes of your Medium followers

  6. Software for improving your english vocabulary.

  7. Create gorgeous spreadsheets with Numbers for Mac.

  8. OpenWater is an awards management software platform that automates, manages, and grows awards programs big and small.

  9. PEView is a back-office reporting and productivity solution.

  10. PowerPlug Pro is a PC Power Management software that saves companies up to 60% on PC energy costs; also includes the patented Wakeup Portal.

  11. BeerSaver is a draft beer monitoring software.

  12. BST Global provides integrated business management software solutions for architects, engineers, and environmental consultants.