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Maru is a new kind of computing experience. It gives you a single, context-aware device that makes personal computing really simple. And guess what? That device is your smartphone.

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  • Switching to PinePhone for a noob
    It seems it is possible to connect a docking bar to the PinePhone but I cannot find what happens next? Is it possible to show on a screen what is displayed on my phone or is it dual screen or can I choose? I love the concepts behind maruOs but I think the project is dead. - Source: Reddit / about 18 hours ago
  • Available Today: Windows Dev Kit 2023 a.k.a. Project Volterra
    >> So what exactly are “consumers” clamoring for that are not currently being delivered? Until other choices are available, people tend to accept the default or keep on doing what was done in the past. There is a segment of consumers that would like choices beyond Apple and Google mobile operating systems:... - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • How can I use my old Android phone as a basic computer?
    Depending on what the model is, you could try Maru - Source: Reddit / 9 months ago
  • Are any Android ROMs focused on Android's desktop mode?
    I just found MaruOS. It appears to be exactly what I was looking for. They are a little small apparently. They support only Nexus and Pixel phones and one Samsung's device. Hopefully they'll have a bright future. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Use phone as desktop computer when linked to a monitor
    So someone in this subreddit told me about Maru OS and that really got me dreaming about using my phone as a desktop computer when connected to a monitor. The Astro Slide with its dual boot capabilities and its two USB-C ports would be ideal for that I think. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Looking for a way to stream from Stremio (or other streaming solution) to hotel TVs while travelling: Looking at Chromecast/streaming sticks or some sort of Raspberry Pi setup. Any idea is appreciated.
    My next phone will definitely be supported by :). - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Smart Phone as Dumb Terminal
    MaruOS was a project that tried this for a bunch of phones. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Debian for Mobile
    Https:// is pretty close to what you've just described, but it doesn't support a lot of devices and Linux distro will be running inside LXC. - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago

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Best Android OS for PC 64 bit or 32 bit for 2021 to download
Maru introduced a different approach to run Android on PC. It is available for some selected smartphones as firmware that once installed on the smartphone; it can be used as both smartphones and when connects to PC gives a complete desktop experience. Your phone runs independently of your desktop so you can take a call and work on your big screen at the same time. Just like the Samsung DeX.

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