1. WinCompose supports the standard Compose file format.

  2. Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail

  3. The Font Thing is a freeware program for managing TrueType fonts in Windows 95, Windows 98 and...

  4. Jump to Download - Download.

  5. A font like Times New Roman, but each letter is 5-10% wider

  6. A dose of emails from around the web.

  7. It lets you know if your email contains different fonts

  8. Email copy from great companies.

  9. Essential tools for polished & persuasive documents

  10. Pair & Compare is a web application that lets you try, pair, and compare different fonts easily and quickly. Pair & Compare allows you to use hundreds of Google Fonts, or one of the fonts installed on your device.

  11. Manage & Compare Fonts Easily.

  12. Type in the real world: an amazing archive of typography.