1. EasyMail7 is an in-house email marketing software enabling marketers to deliver personalized emails and build customizable drip campaigns.

  2. OpenMoves is an email and search marketing solution.

  3. Professional email marketing with powerful and easy-to-use features

  4. The most cost-effective and reliable email delivery platform.

  5. Send emails and know when they were opened. Keep detaile email logs to who they were sent and when.

  6. Email Marketing Fuel

  7. 1and1Mail is a free email marketing software to send out mass email campaigns, manage email contacts and design email newsletters for small and medium business.

  8. Mailforge is an easy to use email marketing platform, with tools for newsletters, lead generation with beautiful popups, embed forms, drag and drop email editor and advanced lead segmentation.

  9. Easy to use and affordable email marketing service with focus on simplicity and core features.

  10. Email analytics made simple. shiftmail provides a REST API and web interface for intelligence gathering within email marketing.

  11. Powerful email automation for Amazon sellers & coupon distribution tool.

  12. Email marketing intelligeance for e-commerce companies