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Liveforce is a staffing software that eases scheduling, recruiting, managing and paying your temporary staff!

Liveforce is a fully automated staff booking, scheduling and management app, designed by and for event professionals.

We were born out of an event agency who, like many others, scheduled our staff using Excel spreadsheets confined to our PCs, with only a creaking CRM for company. We would spend hours (and hours) on the phone contacting freelancers via public job boards. We knew there had to be a better way, and in early 2016, we set out to build it. Liveforce changed the way we work, and now it can have the same impact on your workflow.

An easy to use, fully integrated system for agencies and crew - Liveforce efficiently automates workflow to create complex schedules and shift plans, fast. Using the app has improved our responsiveness to our clients, our relationship with our freelancers and fully automates an otherwise time-consuming, frustrating process. What used to take hours, now takes a few minutes and has revolutionised our work day, allowing us to take on more projects.

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