1. Ning is the social platform for the worlds interests and passions online.

  2. Invision Community is a flexible, integrated set of apps for building communities on the web.

  3. An open source forum software made by DuckDuckGo that is being used at https://duck.co/forum.

  4. Think Passenger builds online platforms that allow brands to connect, create and communicate with key stakeholders.

  5. Gnip provides social media data for customers in sectors such as social media monitoring, business intelligence, government and finance.

  6. Where brands post product review opportunities, event invitations, and press releases for bloggers...

  7. Easily create engaging social media content for your business.

  8. Facebook Autoposter FREE - Start Your FREE account today and start posting!

  9. Bluenod is a simple way to find influencers with Twitter visualization.

  10. Kred, measures influence within online communities connected by interest.

  11. Content Marketing & Social Media Management Software

  12. Firehose and Search API for social media, weblogs, news, and forums.