1. Stop wasting time and money on contract management by turning your contracts into smart contracts.

  2. Fast and easy Legal Forms crafted by licensed attorneys.

  3. MA3000 is a world class legal calendaring and docketing software program with integrated data services and rules-based scheduling.

  4. LegalMatch is a web-based exchange tool to help individuals and small businesses make educated decisions when choosing a lawyer.

  5. CLEAR is a online investigative platform designed to meet needs of customers and streamlines research by bringing investigative content into a single-working environment.

  6. Record memories for loved ones, create a digitally secure archive of your life's memories and vital legal, online & asset information. Sign up for free.

  7. CaseWORTH helps to manage financial information for personal injury, medical malpractice, social security, and worker's compensation cases.

  8. Legaler lets legal professionals schedule, host and archive online meetings securely in one place.

  9. Privacy Policy Generator from TermsFeed generates privacy policies agreements for websites.

  10. MatrixE-Docs helps to manage content-and easily distribute content as appropriate to accelerate workflow.

  11. DirectLaw's virtual law firm platform turns law firm's web site into an interactive, online law practice.

  12. Blackout is an automated redaction tool for Relativity that saves time & money when redacting PII, PHI, and other sensitive data.