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Business plans take too long to write, are seldom updated, and almost never read by others but documenting your hypotheses is key. Lean Canvas solves this problem using a 1-page business model.

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  • How to find your blind spots
    In my experience, this startup mentality works well not only for corporate projects / products, but also for orienting a team inside the organisation. Accepting that any team is actually a tiny business of its own helps to quickly orient around key stakeholders, get reality check that you actually contribute anything to the org, and cut down unnecessary activities. Importantly, all the startup tools like... - Source: Hacker News / about 2 months ago
  • The Science of Creativity, a summary
    Or, take loose ideas and organize them into a framework For example, you might take a rough business idea and fill out a lean canvas. - Source: Reddit / 3 months ago
  • Is a business plan necessary?
    Try using the lean canvas 1 page business plan: - Source: Reddit / 8 months ago
  • Ask HN: I am pitching a new product idea to my CEO
    Prepare a one-pager using the Lean Canvas ( and you can find PDF templates with a google search. That will force you to think of all the questions your CEO (or any other stakeholder) might ask and put down honest answers. - Source: Hacker News / 9 months ago
  • Writing Code Is One Thing, Learning to Be a Software Engineer Is Another
    Lean Canvas - Helpful for forming business ideas but also for qualifying new work within an existing business. - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • I made a small website like IMDB, will I succeed?
    Use a business model framework like Lean canvas to understand how your project fits into a business - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Validating an Idea
    Have a look at leanstack canvas . That’s probably about right for where you are now. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • 20k cash
    If you are truly interested in starting your own business then keep working full time and try to get something going on the side based on something you're passionate about. The 1 page business model Lean Canvas is a useful way to come up with a simple business plan and might be helpful for you: - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • What are the first steps of a small business creation?
    Have you heard of the 1 page business plan called Lean Canvas? It could be useful to fill it out for your business and come up with a basic business model: - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • How to create a business plan?
    Lean Canvas (Ash Maurya) - "replaces long and boring business plans with a 1-page business model that takes 20 minutes to create and gets read.". - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • The Rules
    The Format: It's suggested that you use tools like Lean Canvas to create a plan (link). - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Hi I am a 15 y/o game developer and had published a game on playstore so now wanted to gather a team to take these skills to a next level so from where should I start?
    You start with a product, do some testing, determine you have market before moving past that. This is a great place to start A great place to start isn't legal agreements for team members you don't need because you don't have a product. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago

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