1. Monetize your opinions

  2. Easily launch a landing page and validate it with Google Adwords

  3. Criticue helps review and give feedback on websites.

  4. Waggl is a dynamic pulsing platform to enable focused communication on enterprise topics like culture, events, change, strategy, and talent.

  5. Become customer centric. Use Vision Critical's customer insight platform to get real-time customer feedback and actionable insights.

  6. A powerful tool which enables user testing on prototypes, wireframes and websites.

  7. Ethnio lets businesses create a screener and schedule participants for research.

  8. See how people really use your app

  9. The missing CSS toolbox for Stylus

  10. Generate CSS code from sass source using SASS Compiler. Beautify CSS if necessary.

  11. Live. js. one script closer to designing in the browser. Say goodbye to Alt-Tab. Live.

  12. LESS Compiler makes formatted CSS styles from less source.