1. End-to-end solution for creating, managing, and sharing interactive dashboards.


  2. Dashboard and analytics for teams using Pivotal Tracker.

  3. The only ecommerce show in the UK that covers the entire breadth of ecommerce, from acquisition to customer service.

  4. Import data, design and share a chart in minutes. Or seconds via the API.

  5. Your daily productivity progress % in menu bar โณ๐Ÿ’ช

  6. Create charts and dashboards from SQL

  7. Interana is a fast and scalable event-based analytics solution to answer critical business questions about how customers behave and products are used.

  8. A flask app to make dashboards, easily

  9. Modern SQL editor for teams

  10. SAP Crystal Reports offers easy-to-use BI and reporting tool to design and deliver meaningful business reports.

  11. Get answers from your data by just typing questions.

  12. Open source business intelligence tool.