1. gitg is a git repository viewer targeting gtk+/GNOME.

  2. Free and open-source Android file manager with no ads.

  3. TortoiseGit is an easy to use client for the Git distributed revision control system.

  4. Enterprise source code management platform for behind-the-firewall Mercurial, Git & Subversion. Secure and Open Source.

  5. Blitline provides a platform for processing (cropping, rotating, compositing, filtering) images in a massively parallel environment.

  6. Limelight provides content delivery network services to deliver digital content over the internet.

  7. Kraken is a robust, ultra-fast image optimizer. Thanks to its vast array of optimization algorithms Kraken is a world ahead of other tools. Want to save bandwidth and improve your website's load times? Look no further and welcome to Kraken!

  8. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of the site by improving the server performance.

  9. G-Core Labs CDN provides massive scale & strategic locations within a short distance of major markets.

  10. PacketZoom makes content delivery to mobile apps faster and more reliable than TCP through a simple SDK integration.

  11. Kwicr is a mobile delivery network.

  12. DataCamp provides the user with the tools to learn the data science skills needed to start the own data projects.