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Huddle alternative, cloud collaboration

Kahootz is a secure cloud collaboration software trusted by organisations of all types and sizes. Our commitment lies with helping organisations improve their team's collaboration, no matter where they are in the world. The software is straightforward to use and comes with a range of features, allowing all users to reap the productivity and collaboration benefits.

The Kahootz software has been around since 2003 and has since won industry awards. Our platform is owned, developed and hosted within the UK, but organisations worldwide can make use of it.

Kahootz takes data protection and security extremely seriously, which is why we undergo regular, third-party checks of both the businesses' operations and the security of the cloud-based platform. Showing just how secure our software is, Kahootz is one of the very few pthat have been able to work with extremely sensitive information from Government departments such as the Ministry of Defence in the UK and the Department of Health. This is why public sector organisations, non-profits and other enterprises trust the Kahootz platform to safely work within the cloud.

The platform has all of the usual features you would expect from a collaboration software, including secure document sharing, shared calendars, workspaces, task management, document collaboration, dashboards and more. It can also be used by anyone, from anywhere in the world and users need not download or install any additional applications or software.

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