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  • Where can I watch the twilight zone for free ?
    The easiest way to look for what's streaming - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • Anywhere online I can watch PTA movies? will give you a heads-up. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • What is plextv?
    If you want to watch specific shows, you need to use a site like and see where they're streaming and subscribe to those services. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Wildflower discussion
    If you go to you can find out where it's available to watch in your country. - Source: Reddit / 10 days ago
  • Your phone suddenly starts screeching like a siren and you receive a text message from the UK Emergency Alert System informing you of an impending nuclear attack in your area, you have 10 minutes before impact, what are you doing next?
    Pretty much whenever anyone mentions a film or TV programme, I rush to to find out where it's streaming :D great site but my watchlist is now longer than the rest of my life :D. - Source: Reddit / 11 days ago
  • Did anyone else find the 1993 "The Vanishing" after the Rewatchables episode and wonder how it is in any way rewatchable? will tell you where things are available and will also show you whats new on your preferred serices. - Source: Reddit / 17 days ago
  • Peter Sunde: "I don't think they can grasp the idea of an organization without a boss"
    That, at least, has a solution. - Source: Reddit / 18 days ago
  • which streaming service has seasons"1 till 10" I found later seasons after 11th on Amazon prime but earlier seasons with stabler are not available.
    I know you already have your answer OP but has a database of what streaming service has which shows. - Source: Reddit / 21 days ago
  • Recommend some Small Town Hidden Gem Horror TV shows.
    I just had a look on and it's not streaming in India :(. - Source: Reddit / 24 days ago
  • Is Arrow Player Worth It?
    I have used it on my Apple Tv box for a couple of years and have never had a problem with the app or streaming. I use to search for movies (you can select what services you have, it shows all the new content, and you can search for availability in other countries if you use a vpn). - Source: Reddit / 24 days ago
  • As much as I didn't want to, it's time to sail the high seas.
    This is the piracy subreddit so my advice will probably fall on deaf ears but if you want to watch something legally but don’t know where is the place to go. - Source: Reddit / 25 days ago
  • I just signed up Amazon Prime. Could you guys suggest some slasher movies or found-footage?
    Use and the phone app of the same name. You can make an account and filter down to the streaming services you have. You can filter to Service: Amazon Prime + Genre: Horror. - Source: Reddit / 26 days ago
  • It is nothing short of a scandal that ITV, one of our major television channels with millions of pounds in assets, have produced a catchup app as consistently terrible as ITVX you search for the programme and it'll give you where you can stream it, rent or buy it. - Source: Reddit / 27 days ago
  • Streaming Services browser/search engine for BENELUX / EU
    Hello, You may be aware of sites like or - Source: Reddit / 28 days ago
  • IPTV made me realize piracy is a solution for service and not price. Actually both, its a middleground.
    My preferred platform to search dates, releases across all streamings is - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Movie Rating and Streaming Overview App
    The closest I found is, but it doesn't include the different ratings from different pages (only IMDB). - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Gorillaz Movie Canceled Amid Netflix Animation Purge
    That show is on my watch list but only lists it as being on DirecTV. Guess I won't see it. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • How to watch older Classic films
    Criterion Channel and HBO Max are great suggestions, but don't sleep on Amazon Prime Video. I went to and filtered movies released before 1980 with an IMDB rating of 6 or higher, and got 600 movies listed. Not too shabby. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • As a long time Chromecast (Google TV) user, I decided to try the new Apple TV instead…
    Have you tried the "app" view, as opposed to just being inside of Apple TV+ ? What you see is a very clean home screen full of app icons, and you can go to any app from there, including Apple TV+. It is true you need to know which app you're going into to watch something or just to browse, since you're not getting all those lovely Apple TV+ recommendations. However,, etc. Are great for that if you're... - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Keanu Reeves Says Deepfakes Are Scary, Confirms His Film Contracts Ban Digital Edits to His Acting
    There's a site specifically for finding which service things are on - JustWatch. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago
  • Just got access to Bing Chat, feel free to give me prompts and I'll type them in : )
    Ask it: Can you give me a comedy film with an IMDB rating over 7 that is currently available on Disney+ in Germany? Use the websites or to do your search. - Source: Reddit / about 2 months ago

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