1. PacketZoom makes content delivery to mobile apps faster and more reliable than TCP through a simple SDK integration.

  2. G-Core Labs CDN provides massive scale & strategic locations within a short distance of major markets.

  3. Kwicr is a mobile delivery network.

  4. DataCamp provides the user with the tools to learn the data science skills needed to start the own data projects.

  5. Aryaka’s CDN as-a-Service is a CDN/ADN purpose-built for enterprise content and application delivery.

  6. OneLoad is a platform for uploading, distributing, and managing your online videos and metadata.

  7. Wangsu Cloud Distribution platform serves a way to shuttle content from the public cloud to end users & translating to the user experience.

  8. Highwinds provides multi-platform IP services, content replication, and delivery software and services.

  9. Instart Logic accelerates cloud application delivery for the performance-obsessed organizations. Its software-defined application delivery technology solves performance challenges inherent in wireless connections and makes CDNs obsolete.

  10. Yottaa is a cloud platform for optimizing web and mobile apps.

  11. CDNetworks is a global content delivery network.

  12. Limelight provides content delivery network services to deliver digital content over the internet.