1. The applicant tracking system designed to make recruiting teams more productive.

  2. a cloud-based applicant tracking system (ATS) for companies

  3. OpenElevator is a Talent Selection Platform with a sophisticated matching algorithm and a hiring-process management tool to help you easily hire the right candidate.

  4. Free Recruiting Software to simplify the hiring process.

  5. Recruiting staffing software with applicant tracking features.

  6. StowHire is a simple, hiring tool. Companies can build beautiful careers pages on their own and manage job applications, without having their data/files scattered across emails and spreadsheets.

  7. See who wants to hire you anonymously with AI ๐Ÿš€

  8. Know who's calling or texting and block spammers on Android

  9. HireReady is an applicant tracking and recruitment solution for small businesses.

  10. GoHire is all-in-one recruitment software for startups and small businesses that make hiring staff easy, fast and painless

  11. No-code resume parser to automate resume recruitment process

  12. Resume Sorter is an automated resume / cover letter screening program.