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  • When all the kits in your clan gain permanent conditions
    This is the newest version (that you can download from its sick. - Source: Reddit / about 5 hours ago
  • Just started game dev journey (any suggestions or advice appreciated)
    I have just started game development last year and I have completed(ish) my first game. I uploaded it to just for the experience. However, it is much easier to give suggestions and improvements as you can play it for yourself. Anything you can think of would be much appreciated. - Source: Reddit / about 6 hours ago
  • Working on a new project app for playing games on iPad (video using PS5 controller!!!)
    These games were made by several game developers, they have to be games that work only with keys (without a mouse), but without being too complicated because there are people who use the virtual D-Pad. I usually find interesting games on and in the pico-8 community. When I find a good game I try to talk to the game developer and ask for permission. - Source: Reddit / about 17 hours ago
  • How important is it to you that a game/system is still "alive"?
    I don't want to discount all of those RPGs, that was essentially my point; most RPGs are actually dead on arrival, even well made ones. There were over 350 new RPGs just on Kickstarter just last year. (see: Most of those will never have anyone talk about them beyond their own backers, and even then that conversation will dry up almost... - Source: Reddit / about 18 hours ago
  • My WFC algorithm creates infinite 3D levels. I'm open to ideas on what to do with this.
    Hello! Just wanted to share an old project that I am coming back to now that I am a bit more seasoned with graphics programming. This is rendered in Panda3D, but I'm now making my own engine in OpenGL. My WFC implementations is 100% my own code, and I followed the two resources posted by user marian42 here: I also looked into Oskar Stalberg's work. My WFC implementation... - Source: Reddit / about 13 hours ago
  • Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition PDF (Order) and Print (Pre-Order) are live on Green Ronin!
    I will definitely make it available to the community. If I can't host it in a website, I'll put it on or similar. - Source: Reddit / about 20 hours ago
  • Is anyone still using gamejolt to upload their games?
    But then again I have been seeing horror games at the top page of - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • Now that Godot is on Epic Store...
    I always install it from as the official link has a very slow download speed here. - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • Looking for minigame ideas
    Tell me what is your page, I wanna see the game I am into anthropomorphic characters, Sokoban/block pushing Falling fruit/cherry pedal/leaf collecting (fetch quest in like osu!catch) Enviornment puzzles (parts of the background, showing the solution of the puzzle) I also personally imagine that some of the minigames would be somewhat like among us tasks? - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Working on a 3D Zelda-like where you play as a wolf cub and his bird friend!
    Haha well my project is still in a really early prototype stage compared to yours so I don't have a proper page for it yet (I'm thinking of making an page to post devlogs but haven't gotten to it yet), but I do post some screenshots and small snippets of it over on cohost once in a while: - Source: Reddit / 6 days ago
  • how much cost my game?
    Nah my friend, this is a hobby project sorry. Put it up on and allow people to download it for free with the option of giving you some cash. If anyone ends up playing it and offers feedback (a big if, which would become way more unlikely if you were to charge for it), then take that feedback on board for your next project (or to improve this one, if you're dead set on it, but I'd recommend against). - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • This is my 9th character, slowly getting better I think
    Since people seem to like the model, I just uploaded it to - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Game compilation could help artistic indie games
    By "More available space" I mean places like Steam, as opposed to places like, which is what Alex__V was talking about. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Game Developers! Why did your games failed ?
    Like me, I released many games on and got a lot of browser plays since it was easier for the viewer to see my game firsthand without having to download it. Of course, it wasn't impressive numbers but it was still exciting to see people interested in my work. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Game compilation could help artistic indie games
    In terms of digital compilation, it's pretty much already happening. Many indies on steam will be in formal 'bundles' on steam, or are bundled on other key sites or on etc. The idea seems generally like a good one. - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • We have released a demo of Projected Dreams. A cozy, stress-free puzzle game that focuses heavily on childhood memories from the early 2000s! Demo link in the comments :)
    Demo link is on in case you would like to test the game! Https:// - Source: Reddit / 1 day ago
  • Which game title do you prefer? (Cheddar Con Carne question)
    Do you have a demo? I'd put the demo out on Steam or and put the title to a vote. - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • A Horde Survival Action Roguelite Take on Diablo?! – Halls of Torment Prelude –
    Definitely nailed the diablo look, I'd play it if it was on :D. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • a really weird thing i found on itch
    Right off the bat this looks really shady, especially since its from - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • [REV SHARE] The Sims + Zombies game in need of a team
    Platforms we'd like to have the game playable on: and Steam. - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago
  • Rabbit's Rescue
    You can find more information on the page : - Source: Reddit / 2 days ago

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