1. Blockchain and Blockchain Platforms

  2. Probably the best marketing automation software. Fully featured, from email to product recommendations, surveys, A/B testing and lots more. All-in-one marketing automation software to increase sales and conversion rate.

  3. Data Transformation Platform.

  4. Lambda functions over S3 objects: each, map, reduce, filter

  5. The database for large-scale event analytics

  6. Mondrian offers all the tools needed to create, modify, and export simple SVG files.

  7. Store, search, rank and organize big data

  8. StreamSets provides Continuous Ingest technology for the next generation of big data applications.

  9. Pachyderm is an open source analytics engine that uses Docker containers for distributed computations.

  10. Open source virtualization platform for Hadoop data and apps

  11. Simple, Composable, Open Source ETL

  12. Unlimited design for startups to enterprises