New Instanda Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. CustomerMatrix, the first-ever cognitive intelligence engine for CRM, amplifies the power of your people to rock your customer’s world.

  2. Crowd Valley provides cloud-based infrastructure for online finance platforms accessible through single online interface layer.

  3. Geezeo is the proven white-label PFM provider for banks and credit unions.

  4. Financial fraud detection using adaptive analytics

  5. Quantrix is a business and financial modeling​ platform.

  6. CALUMO is cloud software that simplifies internal financial reporting for accountants.

  7. Digital banking solutions for forward-thinking institutions.

  8. Infrastructure that powers financial technology by enabling applications to connect with users' bank accounts.

  9. VPAS Life enables online access to information about your life insurance products.

  10. Vlocity Health Insurance Cloud supports large & small group, individual qualified health plans, medicare lines of business.

  11. Velocity Insurance Cloud supports multiple insurance lines of business via industry standard processes.

  12. Quicksolver enables insurers, reinsurers,MGAs, and MGUs to create and launch new products and programs faster.