1. Optimole makes your images weigh even 80% less while looking just as good!

  2. Combinatronics serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper Content-Type headers from a CDN.

  3. PageCDN offers Public, Private, Shared and Snippets CDN. Using multiple CDNs on a single page can hurt performance. PageCDN solves this by combining public & private content on one CDN โ€” leveraged by cache re-use, brotli-11, Server Push.

    freemium $5.0 / Monthly (5 websites)

  4. Edge computing is the new frontier.

  5. KeyCDN is a high-performance Content Delivery Network (CDN). Lowest price globally at $0.04/GB with HTTP/2 Support and free Origin Shield.

  6. raw.githack.com serves raw files from github.com with proper Content-Type headers (like rawgit.

  7. RawGit serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper content-type headers.

  8. An open source community driven JS/CSS CDN.

  9. A free, fast, and reliable Open Source CDN for npm and GitHub with the largest network and best performance from all OSS CDNs. Serving 20 billion requests per month.

  10. Build, deploy and host your static site or app with a drag and drop interface and automatic delpoys from GitHub or Bitbucket

  11. CloudFlare can be used by anyone with a website and their own domain, regardless of your choice in platform

  12. Free CDN for Everyone! Load Project from GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket more easier