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Icedrive Reviews

Icedrive is a cloud storage, backup and file sharing service with browser, desktop and mobile apps.

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    Just ok service


    I am a lifetime subscriber of Icedrive and would like to share my thoughts on it. I would like to point out that Icedrive offers only 10GB free space now for new accounts.

    They have a very long way to go to reach anywhere near the big guys like Onedrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and pCloud.

    There are lots of basic function issues they need to fix. Folder downloading is not possible on Icedrive, which is a huge problem. Not possible to see folder details. (When you upload lots of files, most times the progress bar hangs and stops at some random percentage. So you’re not sure if all the files are uploaded or not. And without any option to check the folder details its headache at times) When you try to rename files & folders, it won’t allow at times, may allow after you try multiple times. Encrypted file option is good. But there are some issues in that too.

    I know, they have only started this year. But with lots of technical issues I don’t recommend them to be your main cloud storage. They would require atleast one year more to stabilize every basic operations and run smoothly. It’s good for your mobile backups (photos & videos) which are not that important. But I DO NOT recommend them to store your important documents.

    I think they have to reconsider their prices too, atleast until they gain more customers. 1 TB lifetime plan on Icedrive is 150$ 2 TB plan on pCloud is 350$ which makes their 1 TB 175$ (though they do not have 1 TB plan, but still that’s what their plan value is) And they always give offers too, like I got my 2TB LT pCloud plan for 245$, which makes 1 TB just 122.5$ which is cheaper than the IceDrive. With crypto LT subscription my 1 TB pCloud plan values at 185$. Just 35$ more than Icedrive.

    I would definitely go with pCloud as my primary backup solution as they are already established cloud providers.

    Icedrive looks cool, their customer support is good and they are trying very hard to make a name in the competitive world of online storage solutions. But when you need to trust you personal and sensitive documents its always better to choose the best out there.

    👍 Pros:    Design|Easy to use|Lifetime plans available
    👎 Cons:    No folder downloading|Cannot rename files properly|Price is more for a new service|Duplication of files not prevented|Browser hangs when many files are added for uploading

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