1. Your Stripe dashboard at your fingertips

  2. Billing history for your Stripe App

  3. SaaS Financial Analytics and Strategic Insights.

  4. Learn more about your customers with individual visitor timelines and metrics that are customised to your web or mobile app.

  5. Stripe analytics bot for Slack

  6. Charge your customers with Stripe

  7. Master your recurring revenue. Advanced subscription analytics with one-click.

  8. SynthCenter is a platform that automates cleansing, standardization, and synthesis of data to make it actionable for immediate use.

  9. Bizprospex enhance your customer email list through CRM Data appending service and offer an end to end data solution to help clients generate new leads.

  10. Acquiro LeadMATCH is a data enrichment tool that reconstructs bad contact data.

  11. ZyloTech offers an A.I. powered customer analytics platform for omni-channel marketing operations.

  12. YesData offers data cleansing and enrichment solutions.