1. Spring Edge offers voice, messaging and authentication API's for business applications.

  2. Serverless WhatsApp API made simple

  3. Unitely provides visualization of communication flow enabling organizations to take corrective actions and create more efficient teams.

  4. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to make and receive calls using your 8x8 Virtual Office phone...

  5. Fast, simple & secure messaging. Privacy that fits in your pocket.

  6. Aha! is the new way to create visual product roadmaps. Web-based product management tools and roadmapping software for agile product managers.

  7. Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway

  8. Next generation cloud communication platform that allows for the easy building of voice, video, and messaging applications.

  9. Optmyzr AdWords Tools. Optimization Solutions, Quality Score Tracker, Landing Page Checker, and more. Free Trial Available.

  10. Build your own SMS-based text bot

  11. M800 offers voice and messaging SDKs to implement two-wayโ€‹ communications in the mobile app.

  12. Cloud Telephony delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place, anytime.