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Monitor your cron jobs and scheduled tasks, get notified when they fail.

Healthchecks.io is a monitoring service for your cron jobs. Have you ever thought "If this nightly backup script breaks one day, six months from now, I wonder how soon will anyone notice?". With Healthchecks monitoring, you will get notified just minutes after your cron job fails to complete on time. With PagerDuty integration, Healthchecks will be able to use PagerDuty alerting functionality already implemented in your organization.

Setting up the monitoring for your cron jobs only takes minutes. For each monitored cron job, Healthchecks.io creates a unique ping URL. Edit each cron job to send a HTTP request to its ping URL just before the job finishes. Healthchecks.io keeps track of the received pings, and sends alerts as soon as any of your cron jobs does not check in at the expected time.

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