1. Free, online, easy-to-use, fully customizable issue tracking and agile project management tool your development team will love, by JetBrains. Our cloud or your server.

  2. The new development platform built for agile teams.

  3. # Automatically sort files according to rules that you set up.

  4. Folders Popup lets you move like a breeze between your frequently used folders and documents!

  5. Listary is a revolutionary search utility for Windows

  6. Speed up your work with this multi-purpose Windows launcher and folder switcher.

  7. RecentX is an innovative launcher that gives you instant access to your files, folders, programs...

  8. IFTTT puts the internet to work for you. Create simple connections between the products you use every day.

  9. Push Notifications Service | Your Apps Can Talk!

  10. Enhance the power of drag-and-drop on your Mac

  11. UiPath RPA is a high-level platform dedicated to providing seamless automation of data entry on any web form & desktop application.

  12. Kindle & iBooks Highlights Manager