1. Photon is an advanced game launcher that is designed to make your game collection look amazing.

  2. Abandonia is an abandonware website, focusing mainly on showcasing computer games and distributing...

  3. Overview. GraphPad Prism, available for both Windows and Mac computers, combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting (nonlinear regression), understandable statistics, and data organization.

  4. Description and news

  5. Quickplay the universal emulator Frontend

  6. Arc brings your favorite games, communities, media and

  7. Rominator is a tool available for Mac OS X and Windows that is designed for making management and...

  8. Internet Movie Database

  9. Mod DB covers game development and modding on Windows, Mac and Linux with downloads of the best user generated content.

  10. Moonlight allows you to stream your collection of games from your GameStream-compatible PC to any...

  11. Watch trailers for all your favorite movies and check movie rating.

  12. GameEx is considered to be the most powerful and feature rich front-end for MAME, GameBase, Daphne, PC Games and all command line based game emulators, along with being a complete Home Theatre PC solution.