1. Phone number based identity verification service

  2. Enable your web­site or mobile app with ID and doc­u­ment scan­ning and...

  3. AU10TIX provides solutions for automating ID document authentication, validation and conversion to workable digital records. 

  4. Virtual Badge is a mobile and web-based software that provides an identification and workforce management service.

  5. Biometric identity verification and enrollment solution.

  6. LifeLock is an identity theft protection solution that protects its members' personal information from being used by a third party.

  7. Shufti Pro offers digital KYC and AML solution.

  8. Identix Platform is a user-friendly identification and authentication SaaS that makes it easy for users to verify their identities in ways that feel natural, while offering the highest level of trust in online authentication.

  9. IDwall provides businesses with document validation, background check, and identity verification solutions through an API.

  10. Veridu provides a set of tools to verify the identity of online users.

  11. The intelligent ID verification system

  12. Trustev offers an eCommerce fraud prevention through real-time online identity verification.