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  2. Connecting Crowds Through Q&A The Right Way To Bring Everyone Closer To Their Community


  3. Create your own questions and interact with unlimited audience. Vote on any device or create a quiz.

  4. Diggle supports learning, development and dialogue.

  5. OnlineQuestions.org is an online tool to ask and upvote questions during large lectures, classes...

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  7. Add a Q&A system to your website in just minutes, with Answerbase's powerful question and answer software for online communities and customer support.

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  9. Fond employee engagement platform helps companies increase employee happiness with recognition, rewards, perks and survey programs to maximize impact..

  10. QStream is an instructional app business owners can use to train and maintain the skills sets of their sales teams.

  11. LevelEleven is a sales performance optimization platform.

  12. Top rated audience response systems for conducting e-voting and delivering live audience polling in meetings, conferences, trainings, and classrooms.