New G Suite Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. Full-stack web-framework in D

  2. Javascript + AWS Stack – A server-free, webapp boilerplate using bleeding-edge AWS services

  3. Helicopter ride sharing

  4. Volt is a reactive web framework where Ruby code runs both on the server and the client (via opal).

  5. A fast offline-first architecture for webapps. Super-simple user management & storage. Great for mobile.

  6. Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets and Cross-Browser Fallbacks Support

  7. A fast, lightweight, community driven PHP5 framework

  8. webapp2 is a framework for Google App Engine.

  9. A new architecture for Rails.

  10. Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and JS for popular UI components and interactions

  11. Syntatically Awesome Style Sheets

  12. A programming language for HHVM that interoperates seamlessly with PHP